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Does Schneider Electric offer a suitable replacement for the obsolete encoder feedback cables for Lexium 15 / Lexium 17

No, Schneider Electric does not offer a direct replacement encoder feedback cable for Lexium15 / Lexium 17 in any length.
If a customer needs a replacement encoder feedback cable for Lexium 15 / Lexium 17,  the best option is to purchase an encoder feedback cable for Lexuim 32 then remove and replace the drive side connctor with a connector compatible with Lexium 15 / Lexium 17.
Note that Lexium 15 / Lexium 17 use a 15 pin D-sub for the drive side connection when using motors with encoders. 

Lexium 32 encoder cables and the various lengths are listed below

VW3M8102R30 = 3 meters long
VW3M8102R50 = 5 meters long
VW3M8102R100 = 10 meters long
VW3M8102R150 = 15 meters long
VW3M8102R200 = 20 meters long
VW3M8102R250 = 25 meters long
VW3M8102R500 = 50 meters long
VW3M8102R750 = 75 meters long

rev 1-24-18
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