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Can firewall rule files be shared between Connexium Tofino Firewalls?

A statement regarding how to share firewall rule files between Connexium Tofino Firewalls Configuration Utility .
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Modicon M580, Modicon Quantum, Modicon M340, Connexium Tofino Firewall
Connexium Tofino Configuration software
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The ConneXium Tofino Configurator 1.2 (CTC) is designed so that the project file can only be opened and edited using a CTC installation that was installed with the same License Activation Key (LAK). So as long as all your client's CTC instances are installed with the same LAK, then project files can be passed around.
If not, these are the steps to change an LAK:
1. Decide on a common LAK number to use between computers. If they already have a CTC project file, make sure the LAK that was used to create it is the same as the common LAK.
2. Locate the *.lic files for the ConneXium Tofino Configurator on each computer that isn't currently using that LAK . Typically there are two files (tcd.lic and tc.lic) and these are in C:\ProgramData\Tofino Security\Tofino Configurator\.metadata\.plugins\
3. Rename the extension for each file to something like *.lic-old so they no longer can be found by the CTC on startup.
4. Start the CTC and it will ask for a new LAK. Enter the agreed-upon on LAK and it should be able to open any project created by a CTC using the same LAK

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