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How to uninstall Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

A user needs to uninstall PME

Product Line:
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x
Power Monitoring Expert for Data Centers 7.2.x
Power Monitoring Expert for Health Care 7.2.x
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x

Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x uninstall
This article does not apply to earlier versions than PME7.2.

There are multiple methods available for uninstalling PME but it may be unclear which option to use.

Uninstalling the software is done at your own risk.  In case the software needs to be reinstalled, backups of databases, configuration folder and other custom files should be taken prior to uninstalling the software.

There are currently three possible ways to uninstall PME:

1. Use Add/Remove Programs.
2. Re-run the installer and choose "Remove".
3. Run the un-installation utility from the "uninstall" folder.

While all three ways should be equivalent, the suggested way to uninstall PME is to re-run the installer.

There is no direct way to uninstall an individual service pack and go back to the previous version of PME.

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