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Why can't I save the IP address as part of the SIM card configuration on the STBNIP2212 Advantys STB Ethernet NIM?


STBNIP2212 SIM card and IP address



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Advantys STB






The IP address can not be saved as part of the SIM card configuration for the following reasons:

  • All other fieldbus types ( MB+ , FIP , Profibus , etc) have the Node and/or Baud rate set via physical interfaces (switches) separate from the configuration of the island.
  • A user may want to use one SIM card to replicate configurations of many islands, and have each island assigned a different node address on the same network.
  • An island configuration can be saved to the SIM card and transferred to a NIM with a different protocol. For example, a Profibus NIM could be configured with parameters for a specific island and then this same SIM configuration could be loaded and used for an Ethernet NIM. This will work as long as the configuration size is not a limitation of the particular field bus that it is being transferred to.
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