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Unity Pro 8.0, LL984 Import: HSBY User Loadable DFB is protected, how do I delete the it from the project.

Unity 8.0 Imports Legacy Hot-Standby programs that utilize the HSBY user loadable as a protected (locked) DFB. Prior versions of Unity (5.1 to 7.0) did not have this DFB protected so the ST code could be deleted from the ST Section, eliminating the analyze and build error that is generated by this code.

With the DFB being protected, the ST code can no longer be deleted, so the DFB must be deleted from the project to eliminate the analyze/build error.

Simply deleting the instruction from the code and performing “Purging Unused Types” or Purging Unused Private Data Instances” does not clear the analyze / build error.

The following steps can be used to successfully remove the HSBY DFB from the Unity 8.0 project:

1) Delete the HSBY instruction instance from the logic. This should be located in segment 1 Network 1, Row 1, Column 2.

2) Now Search for the HSBY DFB in the Unity project by performing the following four search steps.2.




3) There should be one search result, double left clock on the search result to jump to instance. 






4) Right click on the instance and select Delete, it is now deleted from the project.

5) You can now delete the HSBY DFB from the project browsers DFB list by right clicking on the DFB and selecting Delete. 



After correcting any additional errors in the Unity 8.0 project the project, the project should then successfully build.


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