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How do You configure T200 Modem for GSM Communication?

T200 is a powerful FRTU which utilizes wireless communication capabilities to send data or SMS to remote locations. It shall communicate on GSM network and is capable of sending SMS to operator mobile or sending data to a remote SCADA. In this case, T200 uses inbuilt/internal modem to connect to the GSM network. In order to enable the feature of sending SMS, T200 has to be parameterised which is described as below.
1.      Connect T200 to the laptop using a USB cable. Open the Easergy configuration tool and connect to T200.
2.      Select Operation mode from the Settings menu Fig (1).
3.      Select the Port 1 or Port 2, depending on the firmware options available in your T200. However mode of communication shall be in “Balanced” and link shall be selected as “normal”.
4.      Select the medium (Internal Modem) and save the configurations.
5.      Save the parameters.
6.      Now select Port 1/Port 2 transmissions from settings menu Fig (1). Note this is to be selected based on the firmware option, as is related to point 3 mentioned above.
7.      Enter the SMS Service number, User Telephone number and other parameters as in Fig (2).
8.      Save the configurations.
Fig (1)

Fig (2)
1.      SMS service center number is required for sending SMS to any GSM device. Hence the same need to be updated in the SIM card. Always confirm the SMS service Centrex number from the network operator.
2.      Insert the SIM card in a Cell phone and set this number in the SIM card via message setting menu of the cell phone.
3.      Add appropriate country code (+33 for France, +91 for India etc) for  to both user number and service Centrex number to avoid confusion.
4.      Keep communication in balanced mode.
Indication of GSM Communication

Once GSM connection is established, T200 gives appropriate indications by flashing of indicator lamp on the front of the GSM modem and has the following meaning
-         The indicator lamp is lit steadily : the modem is not connected to the GSM network
-         The indicator lamp flashed slowly(every 2.5 Seconds) : The modem is connected to the network but there is no remote link
-         The indicator lamp flashed rapidly(every second) : The modem is connected to the network and a remote link is established

Fig (3)
Below is a sample for Port traces when T200 modem tries to connect to GSM network.
Fig (4)
Fig (5)
This portion describes configuration of variables which has to be send as alarms to operator mobile phone. Corresponding screen shots are also attached below, for your reference.
1.      Select the Variable configuration page from setting menu.
2.      Declare the type of variable that needs to be send as an alarm, like any T200 status or user defined variable.
3.      The example here is for a T200 Internal fault type – Device battery fault.
4.      Further, once you click this variable, Select ‘SMS ‘option in Alarm configuration. Note to check buttons for “Active” on this page.
5.      After saving these parameters, Click TSS Test to check for Sending SMS. You should receive an SMS in the configured cell phone.
 Fig (6)
Fig (7)

Fig (8)


Fig (09)
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