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IEC61850 to MMS object mapping

Issue: Connecting IEC61850 object to MMS

Product Line: IEC61850

IEC61850 Objects                                                               MMS Object

SERVER class                                                                Virtual Manufacturing Device (VMD)

LOGICAL DEVICE class                                                Domain

LOGICAL NODE class                                                  Named Variable

DATA class                                                                      Named Variable

DATA-SET class                                                             Named Variable List

SETTING-GROUP-CONTROL-BLOCK class          Named Variable

REPORT-CONTROL-BLOCK class                           Named Variable

LOG class                                                                        Journal

LOG-CONTROL-BLOCK class                                    Named Variable

GOOSE-CONTROL-BLOCK class                              Named Variable

GSSE-CONTROL-BLOCK class                                 Named Variable

CONTROL class                                                            Named Variable

Files                                                                                 Files

Keywords: IEC61850, Objects

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