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How can you change the default home page background image on an EGX300?

A user would like to change the default background image on the home screen of an EGX300? For example, a user may want to set the background image as a Company logo. The default background image for the home page of an EGX300 is shown below.

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EGX300 User Interface

A user does not know how to modify the default home page background image on an EGX300.

In order to change the background image on the EGX300 home page follow steps below:
1) Pick an image and rename the image to splash_custom. The image must be a JPEG  (.jpg).
2) Open my computer and in the address bar, type in ftp:\\XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is the IP address of the EGX300.

3) You will then be prompted for log on information. The default log on information can be seen below.
      Username: Administrator 
      Password: Gateway
4) Once logged into the FTP interface open the folder named "www", then open the folder named "logo". This is the location for custom home page background images. 
5) Delete the file that is currently in use and drag your new image into the "logo" folder.
6) Open the EGX300 webpage and the home page background image will be changed.

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