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What is the function of the OIL parameter of an ATS48 series soft starter and how do I configure it?

What is the function of the OIL parameter in the ATS48 series soft starter and how do I configure it?

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Is it necessary to configure this function?

OIL parameter (Activation of current overload) is an optional alarm/fault that can be configured in the ATS48 series soft starter to trigger either an alarm or a fault at a given percentage of nominal motor current (IN). It is not necessary to configure this parameter, factory default is OFF.

This parameter is used to configure and alarm or fault to trigger at a specific percentage of nominal motor current, when a custom trip point is needed.

If a custom current alarm / fault is needed, set parameter OIL to either DEF (Fault) or ALA (Alarm). Once this is set, change parameter LOC to the desired trip point in percentage of nominal motor current (IN). It can be adjusted between 50% and 300% of IN parameter. IN parameter, under the SET menu, should be set to the full load amperage of the motor.

TOL parameter is set to the amount of time the motor current will be allowed to exceed the threshold set by LOC before an alarm / fault will occur.


My motor is rated for full load amperage of 100 amps. My application is a belt driven grain conveyor and my motor is oversized for this load. I know that for this application, the motor should not need to pull more than 80 amps, even if the conveyor is full loaded. If my motor is pulling more than 80 amps, there is likely a jam in the conveyor or other mechanical problem and I want the motor to stop to prevent damage to the equipment such as a belt being damaged by slipping.

I would make the following parameter settings:

Under SET menu, set parameter IN = 100 (full load amps of my motor)
Under PRO menu, set parameter OIL = DEF (fault will occur if current threshold is exceed)
Under PRO menu, set parameter LOC = 80% (80% of value set in parameter IN)
Under PRO menu, set parameter TOL = 5 seconds.

In this example, if my motor current exceeds 80 amps for more than 5 seconds, the starter will shut down the motor and display fault code OLC.
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