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Does Schneider Electric offer replacements for Berger Lahr SER servo motors?

Whether or not an SER motor can be replaced by a new motor depends on what servo drive is being used with the SER motor.

SER motors that are used with Berger Lahr Twinline drives such as TLC13x, TLC43x, TLC53x or TLD63x can not be replaced by a new motor.
This is because the firmware of the Twinline drives are not compatible new motors such as BMH and BSH.
So in instances in which SER motors are used with Twinline drives the drive and the motor must both be upgraded to new products.

If SER motors are being used with Lexium 05 servo drives then the motor can be upgraded to a BSH or BMH motor.
This is possible because Lexium 05 firmware is compatible with the newer motors, such as BMH and BSH,  offered by Schneider Electric.


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