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Is it possible to have two different versions of Vijeo Designer Installed on a PC?

Yes, from Vijeo Designer V6.1 SP4, it is possible to have 2 versions of Vijeo Designer installed on the same PC:
·         For example: Vijeo Designer V6.1 SP4 and Vijeo Designer V6.2 can be installed on the same PC (only possible configuration today)
It is not possible for 2 different Service Pack of a same version: for example, when they will exist, Vijeo Designer V6.2 SP1 and Vijeo Designer V6.2 SP2 cannot be installed on the same PC
It is not possible for versions older than Vijeo Designer V6.1 SP4.
For previous versions or for 2 different Service pack of a same version:
For users with a mixed terminal base (different applications developed with different versions of Vijeo Designer) who do not want to migrate all their installed base to the latest version (to avoid having to rerun acceptance tests, for example), there is now a simple, free way of ensuring the maintenance of the entire installed base on the same PC: virtualization tools. These tools (VMware and Virtual PC, to mention the most well-known), allow completely different environments (including the O.S.) on the same PC. 
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