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How do I disable/enable communications to an Equipment from Vijeo Designer?


 Can I disable/enable communications to a driver equipment from Vijeo Designer?


 This knowledge article is to show customer's how to disable/enable communications to an Equipment.

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 Vijeo Designer





You can use the system control words to access information or perform operations on the driver.  Below are the instructions to create a variable to
disable/enable the driver and equipment:
1 - Create a new variable
2 - In the New Variable dialog box, set Data Type as INT, Data Source to External, and select the Scan Group of the equipment driver.
3 - In the Device Address field, type @sys:1

@sys:1 controls the state of the communications.

You can write the values 1 or 0 to turn on (1) or off (0) the communication with the associated equipment.  A value of 2 indicates the driver is offline for this specific equipment.

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