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Does Schneider Electric offer a direct replacement for the Berger Lahr WDP5-118

No, the Berger Lahr WDP5-118 is a 5 phase stepping motor drive with the ability to store pre-assigned programmable movement commands.
There is no product offered that direct replaces this drive due to the 5 phase stepping motor used with the WDP5-118 drive.

The best suitable solution for upgrading from the WDP5-118 is the Schneider Electric Lexium 32M

Below is a list of part numbers for nearly all the components needed to upgrade from WDP5-118 to Lexium32 including the motor.

LXM32MD18M2 - drive
BSH1001T1A2A  - motor
GBX080003K -  gearbox
GBK0801002F - gearbox mounting kit
VW3M3302  - I/O expansion module
VW3M5101R50 - 5 meter long motor cable
VW3M8102R50 - 5 meter long encoder cable.
TCSMCNAM3M002P - USB to RS485 adapter for commissioning of the new drive.

The drive, motor and gearbox combination recommended was selected to cover nearly all possible combinations of WDP5-118 and associated motors
This combination of drive, motor and gearbox should meet the requirements of nearly any application realized with WDP5-118 however customers should contact Schneider Electric technical support for assistance in determining if the recommended products will meet their needs.

Cable lengths of 5 meters were selected as a baseline, actual cable length needed should also be selected based on the application requirements,

The LXM32M was selected due to its ability to store pre assigned programmable movement commands such as the way the WDP5-118 does.
So applications in which the WDP5-118 is being used in program storage mode can be easily realized with the LXM32M

For additional information and details regarding this functionality please contact Schneider Electric Technical Support.


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