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How can Vijeo Designer sync the time from a Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC


Syncing the Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC clock to a Magelis HMISTU855/655.


The HMISTU Series do not have a Real Time Clock. Therefore in order to use alarms and events in the Vijeo Designer Application the hmi system clock must be synced with the Real Time Clock of the PLC.

Product Line

Magelis HMISTO and HMISTU series of HMIs


HMISTU/STO  Series HMI and an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC


The Magelis HMISTU and the HMISTO series do not have a Real Time Clock


First define the the time variable array from the CompactLogix PLC in the Vijeo Designer variable editor.


[  ] WallClockTime_DataTime_UTC     DINT            EXTERNAL (Where the 3rd, 4th and 5th elements are the hours, minutes, seconds)

In an Action script you can set the magelis system time with the following method:



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