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Video: How do you put the ATV312 drive in local mode or remote mode?

How do you put the ATV312 drive in local mode or remote mode?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV312


Quick set up for putting the ATV312 drive in local mode.

Hold the Mod button for 3 seconds unit the 3 LED start to flash 1,2 3, and display shows LOC.
If you need to go back to remote mode hold the Mod button again for 3 seconds and the 3 LED lights will stop flashing and go out.
Please be aware if you take the drive out of local mode and put it back in remote mode it will reset your logic inputs and Reference inputs back to factory default.

IMPORTANT NOTE: that this feature only applies to firmware versions below version 5.1 IE56.  If your Drive's firmware version is above 5.1 IE56 you will have to reset your drive back to factory default to return it back to remote mode.

Instructions to reset back to factory default (For versions 5.1IE56 and higher)
RDY enter
Scroll down to drC menu enter
Scroll down to the FCS menu enter
Choose InI enter hold enter for 3 seconds.
Please be aware this will reset your Drive back to its factory settings and your complete program will be lost.

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