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On an S-Flex unit, what can keep the drive output contactor (DOC) from closing even when 120Vac voltage is present on coil terminal A1?

In AFC mode, the drive will not run the motor.  Tracing the 120Vac circuit shows 120Vac on DOC A1, but the DOC does not close.

Product Line:

All SFlex with bypass option

DOC does not close.

A cause for this symptom is that there is not continuity from the coil A2 terminal to the system neutral.  Check wiring and connections from the DOC A2 terminal, through the overload relay contact terminals 95-96, and to the control transformer X2.  Check that the overload relay is not tripped.  If these all prove to be OK, then suspect a nonfunctional DOC or coil.
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