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What is the difference between the ATV61 and ATV71?

What are some differences between the ATV61 and ATV71

Product Line:
ATV61 and ATV71

All models and serial numbers


The ATV61s are designed for variable torque applications such as fans and pumps.  The torque requirement is less at lower speeds.
The ATV71s are designed for constant torque application such as positive displacement pumps, mixers, conveyors, hoisting application, ect...  The torque for these application are the same at the lower speeds and the higher speeds.  
Communication Options are:   
ATV71 and ATV61 - Modbus TCP Daisy chain VW3A3310D, EtherNet/IP VW3A3316, DeviceNet VW3A3309, Modbus/Uni-Telway VW3A3303, PROFIBUS DP V0 VW3A3307, PROFIBUS DP V1 VW3A3307S371
ATV61 (ONLY) –  LonWorks VW3A3312, Bacnet VW3A3319, Apogee FLN P1 VW3A3314, Metasys N2 VW3A3318


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