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Can an ION meter capable of Modbus mastering (such as the 7650) master an Ethernet slave over an EGX100?

User wants to use ION meter with Modbus master to Modbus master, through the serial port, an Ethernet device via an EGX100.

Product line
EGX100, EGX300, ION7X50, ION8XXX, PM800ECC 

PME Designer, and EGX webserver

Proper configuration is required before an ION meter can Modbus master an Ethernet slave of an EGX100.

Note: for ION7650/7550 meters, Modbus Mastering via TCP/IP connections was added in firmware V366.

For this example, the physical set up is accomplished by doing the following:
(1) connect the EGX100 to COM 1 of the 7650 (with V350 firmware) using RS485 with no line bias, and;
(2) connect to a PM800ECC via Ethernet (the PM8ECC uses the COM1 ID for modbus TCP traffic on COM3-the Ethernet port).

1) In the 7650 set up modbus mastering (refer to ION Reference) set the connection 1 in the Modbus Master Options module to a hardware port (i.e. COM1) and disable the Modgate option.​
a. In Designer Open the ION 7650 meter, and navigate to Core Modules (Advanced Setup - Frameworks -> Core Modules.
b. Right click on Modbus Master Options 1.
c. In Setup Registers double-click Serial Connection 1. Select the hardware port that is being used to connect to the EGX. Click OK.
d. In Setup Registers double-click ModbusGate Connection. Select Gateway Disabled. Click OK.
e. Click OK to save changes.
2) Enter the modbus map of the Ethernet connected device into the Modbus Master Map Module.
a. Within the designer environment add a Modbus Master Map Module. 
b. Right click on the module.
c. Double click on Device Type, enter the device type of the slave meter. Click OK.
d. Double click on Device Map, enter the device map Example of setting up Modbus Master Map module's Device Map set register
e. Click OK. Click OK to save changes.
3) Enter the exact device type and connection properties into the Modbus Master Device Module (i.e. Connection Serial connection 1, Slave address 3, Device Name and Slave name, leave comms error at default).
a. Within the designer environment add a Modbus Master Device Module. 
b. Right click on the module.
c. Double click Connection. Select Serial Connection 1. Click OK. 
d. Double click Slave Addr. Enter the unit ID of the slave device. Click OK.
e. Double click Device Type. Enter the device type for the slave device. Click OK.
f.  Double click Slave Name. Give a name to the slave device. Click OK.
g. Click OK to save changes.
4) Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the EGX 100 (default logins are User name= Administrator and password = Gateway. Note: These are case sensitive)
5) Click on the Setup tab> click on the Ethernet & TCP/IP tab on the left and set the IP, subnet and if needed the gateway addresses.
6) Now click on the Serial Port tab on the left and set up as follows:
a) Mode: Slave
b) Physical Interface: In this case RS485 2-wire
c) Transmission Mode: Modbus RTU
d) Baud Rate: 9600
e) Parity: None
f) Remote Modbus TCP/IP Connections: Enter the IP address of the remote modbus device that we are going to master.

7) Now click on the Device List on the left. Enter here the unit ID of the remote modbus device in BOTH local ID and Remote ID fileds and then choose the ethernet connection that we specified in the previous step.

8) You should now see values being imported on the ION7650.
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