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Once the application is downloaded to the CF card, can the application be updated from a TCP/IP connection?

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Once the application is downloaded to the CF card, can the application be updated from a TCP/IP connection?

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XBTG all range Vijeo Designer v4.1.0E

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Yes, once you download the application to the CF card and start the unit from the CF card, it can be updated from a
TCP/IP connection. Be sure that you follow the online help instructions (also listed below) in the online help for
downloading the application to the Compact Flash card.


Downloading to a CF Card

    • You can use this method to download the user application and runtime files to the CF card.

      In the Navigator windows Project tab, right-click the Target node, and click Properties.

      In the Inspector, set Download to File System.

      Enter the IP address of the target machine that will run the compiled user application.

      In the Path box, enter the drive letter of the CF card reader. (e.g. F:\)

      When the user application is too large to fit onto the Main FLASH memory, set the Target node's
      StartFromCFCard property is set to True.

      This setting may be necessary when working with a XBT-G2120/2130/2220/2330 unit, which has only 6MB
      of Main FLASH memory, or when working with extremely large user applications that cannot fit onto the
      standard 16MB of Main FLASH memory.

      Right-click the Target node, and click Download.

      When download is complete insert the CF card into the XBT-G Series target machine and start Vijeo-Designer

      Warning: After commencing download, you cannot cancel the process. Do not forcibly exit Vijeo-Designer, or
      turn off either the PC or target machine during download. Such operations can make the target machine


      When downloading to a XBT-G Series target machine s CF card, use only those CF cards manufactured by
      Schneider Electric Industries SAS.

      When running the user application from the CF card, turn ON DipSW1.

      Make sure the entered path can be referenced from the editor PC.

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