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Video: How to configure ION/SPM/PME to report on archived data?

How to configure ION/SPM/PME to report on archived data.

Product Line
ION Enterprise 6.x
StructureWare Power Monitoring 7.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.x, 8.x

Running reports. 

User has archived historical data and wishes to run reports on them. 

Archives are, by default, attached as a database to the SQL instance used by ION/SPM/PME. If they have been detached, they will need to be re-attached to the ION instance using SQL.
Assuming the archives are attached to the ION instance in SQL:

1. Open Management Console
2. Click on Tools > Reporting Configuration > Report Configuration Manager
3. In the Reporting Configuration window under the Reports tab, select the archive that a report is needed from under the Location of report data drop down and Click Ok.

Note: After the changes, reports will now only run on the selected archive. The date range available for reporting will be limited to the date range the archive database contains. 
Do not forget to set the "Location of report data" drop down back to the live database (ION_Data) once archive reporting has been completed. The same procedure must be followed. 

Video guide:

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