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Work-around for Missed Alarms Notification Bug in Lotus Notes

Goals and Symptoms

In Lotus Notes alarms on recurring calendar entries may not clearing. The alarm may have been acknowledged, but the next time Lotus Notes starts up the "you missed alarms" popup appears. Clicking "Done" on the alarms will close the popup, but it will reappear next time Lotus Notes starts. To one's bewilderment, the "missed" alarms can accumulate in the list this way.

Causes and Fixes

This is a bug known by IBM. A work-around is to switch the welcome screen or home page to the default "Basics" view. Then, restart the application twice. states the following:

  • Technote 1238978 has the code and the explaination. 

    There is also an APAR LO14110 that has a less invasive fix:

    One observation from this customer: the clients experiencing the
    problem are all users that have a Welcome Page option that
    accesses the user's mail file, e.g. Basics Plus Calendar,
    Workplace, etc... They workaround the problem temporarily by
    switching to the Basics welcome page, and restarting the client
    twice. The 1st restart shows the alarms again, but the
    following restart does not and the CalendarSettings profile doc
    has a correct LastAlarmDate datetime ( gAlarmLastSentTime in
    debug output ).
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