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What is the proper server side port configuration for ION Enterprise 5.6?

These ports need to be open and configured in the following manner for the ION Enterprise client to function correctly:
Port Protocol Dataflow Direction Description
57777 TCP Inbound Real Time data service uses this port to transfer real-time data to ION Enterprise clients.
13670 TCP Inbound Treemon and Designer use this port.
13666 TCP Inbound ION Enterprise services use this port. This is necessary for Designer and Vista to function.
3389 TCP Inbound Terminal Server uses this port.
1433 TCP Inbound SQL uses this port.
1434 UDP Send/Receive Microsoft SQL Monitor uses this port to identify named database instances.
139 TCP Inbound NetBIOS and Windows "File and Printer Sharing use this port.
80 TCP Inbound HTTP (used for Webreach and Internet access) uses this port.

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