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How to generate a Master File with ION Setup and then import it into MV-90.

Goals and Symptoms

Applies to:
ION Setup v2.2

This resolution shows the procedure to generate a Master file for MV-90 by using ION Setup and shows how to import this Master file into MV-90.

It is not easy to build a Master file on MV-90 manually. ION Setup can help generate a Master file by extracting data from an ION meter and save the edited work in MV-90. However, an improper setting may cause the Master file stop working with MV-90. Some critical steps and settings are shown in this document to make sure the Master file works correctly.

Facts and Changes

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ION Setup

Causes and Fixes

Generate a Master File using ION Setup:
1. Install ION Setup v2.2 or later
2. Open ION Setup > Connect to a device > Open Setup Assistant > Go to Reports > Open the MV-90 Report

  • 3. A MV-90 Master File Options screen will appear

    • a. Customer ID > Give a customer name for identification in MV90 (e.g. master8500)

      b. Device ID > Select Tag2 Field/Serial number (for meter identification purpose)

      c. MV-90 calls in on > Select the meter com port which works with MV90

      d. Connection Info > Input the phone number or IP address+port number

      e. Tim Number > 01 (make sure that the assigned number for TIM_ION in MV90 is 01)

      f. Click OK

  • 4. Check the MV-90 Configuration report. If OK, click on Save as to save the master file. The file extension should be .DAT (e.g. Master8500.dat).

Import master file into MV-90:

  • 5. Launch MV-90 > Select Master File Maintenance > File > Import Master Files > select the Master file generated by ION Setup (e.g. Master8500.dat) > click Open

6. If the file import is a success 0 errors encountered will be displayed in the import summary report

  • 7. Save and Close the master file, then open Remote Interrogation in the left hand bar. Choose the RecorderID > schedule an All read > press Go.

    8. Switch to the xi COMM window to see the progress of the task.

    9. To view the retrieved data, see


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