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ION Enterprise Vista or Webreach diagram error: "The diagram does not exist or you do not have permission to access it". The network diagram page is blank or missing items.

Goals and Symptoms

The ION Enterprise Vista network diagram page is blank or missing items however when opening the toolbox and selecting the whole page the outline of the meter icons is visible. When clicking on the meters an error message appears saying the diagram path cannot be found or there are enough permissions to access it. When going to the properties of the meter the path for the images and diagrams are pointed to the ION-Ent share folder rather than the local drive. The webreach pages show red x's where the meter icons should be and also say that the path cannot be found. Defining each path to be on the local drive will work to bring the meter icon and diagram back, however every single piece must be repathed. Vista on a client machine may work perfectly even though the server and webreach are having an issue.

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Causes and Fixes

The user that is logged into Windows and using ION Enterprise Vista does not have the appropriate privileges to open files in the default "ION-Ent" folder share on the ION Enteprise server. This prevents the diagrams from being accessed. Normally the diagrams will have worked in the past and no longer work even though no one has logged into the server. When saving the network diagram on a client machine, everything on the network diagram will be repathed to the ION-Ent share folder rather than the local drive that everything was pathed to before. If the server doesn't have permissions to this folder everything on the diagram will disappear.


You can fix this issue by adding a user or group that contains the user's user account to the security tab of the ION Enterprise folder's properties window. If the user is already there, try taking the user or group out and re-adding it. Adding an administrative user and then removing it may also help. Doing this restores all functionality to Vista and Webreach.

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