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System Manager Software (SMSDL or SE) v 4.x stalls during the installation, after the Admin Utility screen. The message on the screen is "Please Wait...". The last line in the Isinfo.log is "OnFirstUIBefore...".

Goals and Symptoms

System Manager Software (SMSDL or SE) v 4.x stalls during the installation, after the Admin Utility screen. The message on the screen is "Please Wait...". The Isinfo.log has an entry of "OnFirstUIBefore..." as last line.
Below is an excerpt from C:\isinfo.log:

Beginning of System Manager Standard: 4.0 Log ..... [12-4-2006 18:05:24]
New Binary Version: 4.0.0.XXXX
LaunchpadMode: New
LaunchpadType: SMS_LTD
SMSThisInstallType: System Manager Limited
System Free Space: 10882 MB
StopServices ....
ServiceExistsService: Powerlogic Network Server Fail
ServiceExistsService: PLConnManager Fail
ServiceExistsService: PLHostService Fail
ServiceExistsService: PLReportService Fail
ServiceExistsService: PowerLogicSystemMonitorService Fail
GatherPcInfo .....
Computer Name: FLD003142
OsType = WinXP
ServicePackOS = TRUE
OS Languages - Installed\Default\User: 1033\1033\1033
Installer Engine Version: 3.1.4000.1823
Internet Explorer Version: 6.0.2900.2180
VersionIE = TRUE
Internet Information Server is Version 5
Internet Information Server is higher than Version 5
Terminal Services: not installed
.NET Framework Version 1.1 installed
SOAP ToolKit Version 3.0 is installed
C:\Program Files\MSSOAP\Binaries\SOAPVDIR.CMD
Access Version detected: No
GatherSmsInfo .....
Setup was unable to find C:\Windows\Plsms.ini. No SMS Software has been detected.
SmsNumber: 0
New Install
SmsProductKey: SMS-3000\CurrentVersion
GatherSqlInfo .....
SqlServer: Yes
SqlServerName: FLD003142
SQL Server 2000 detected: Yes
SQL Server 7 detected: No
MSSQLServer\CurrentVersion: No
Instance Name Validation .....
SqlServerInstanceExists: 1
SQL Server Service Pack is less than 3
SQL Server Full Name: FLD003142\SMS3000
SqlServerInstanceName: SMS3000
Mode: 0
SqlDataRoot: C:\MSSQL2000\MSSQL$SMS3000
SqlDir: C:\MSSQL2000\MSSQL$SMS3000
CheckSqlConnect - sa: Success
GFX as an AddOn detected: No
GFX Web detected: No
Web3000 version 1 detected: No
Web3000 version 2 detected: No
Push Application detected: No
SMS Receive Application detected: No
Information Manager detected : No
Access Version detected: No
OnAppSearch .....

Facts and Changes

install hangs

Causes and Fixes

There are two possible solutions.

Cause #1
The Windows User installing is logged in the PC as a domain user.

Resolution #1
Log in as a local admin and run the install again.
Run the install again

Cause #2
The temporary file location has a space in the folder name:

Resolution #2
Right click on My Computer and go to Properties. Select the Advanced tab. Click on Environment Variables. "Edit" the paths for both the TMP and TEMP variables to a location that does not have any spaces in the path name (Ex: C:\Temp). Run the install again.


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