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Some PowerLogic Legacy Devices require a control power reset when changing communication connection to an EGX100, EGX200, EGX400.

Goals and Symptoms

Some Legacy PowerLogic devices require a control power cycle if the communication connection is changed. Others automatically switch protocols like the Series 2000 Circuit Monitor (CM2000) and the Series 600 Power Meter (PM600). The PowerLogic legacy devices that are affected include; the Series 100, 200, Circuit Monitor, the PIFIII (PIF3 - interface to the Micrologic series 2 breakers), Digital Relay (DR1000), Temperature Interface to the model 85 temperature controller (PIF85), and PowerLink Gen 1 (Powerlink AS).

One symptom is that some of the devices in the daisy chain were communicating to the previous master device. After the switch to another communication master the communication fails. The wiring and communication settings were verified and is known to be correct.

Another Symptom may be that some of the devices like a Series 2000 Circuit Monitor or Modbus devices are communicating but the legacy devices are not.

Facts and Changes

PowerLogic legacy devices that require control power cycles to change protocol:
Series 100, 200 Circuit monitor = CM100, CM150, CM200, CM250, CM144, CM244
Digital Relay = DR, DR1000
PowerLogic Interface for Micrologic Series 2 breakers = PIF3, PIFIII
PowerLogic Interface for Model 98 controller = PIF85
PowerLink AS panel = PLKAS

PowerLogic legacy devices that automatically change protocol:
Series 2000 Circuit Monitor = CM2050, CM2150m CM2250, CM2350, and CM2450
Series 600 Power Meter = PM620 and PM650

Comms loss, communication error

Causes and Fixes

The cause is that some PowerLogic legacy devices set the protocol based on the first packet communicated to them. They can communicate PowerLogic (Symax) or PNIM / RNIM. Once the device has communicated to the master device it will remain as the communication protocol until the control power is cycled. The communications loss typically occurs when the master device type is changed from one that supports PowerLogic (Symax) protocol to one that supports RNIM / PNIM protocol.

Below is a list of master devices and the RS485 protocols they support:
ECC21, PM8ECC, EGX100, EGX200, EGX400 = RNIM (PNIM) protocol with the latest firmware (v 3.3 firmware and older was PowerLogic (Symax), Modbus RTU, Jbus
ECMRM, ECM2000 = RNIM (PNIM) protocol, Modbus RTU
PowerServer Comm 1 and Comm 2 = PowerLogic (Symax) protocol, Modbus RTU, Jbus
EGW = RNIM (PNIM) protocol, Modbus RTU
Sylink Card RS485 port= RNIM (PNIM) protocol
MCI101 = PowerLogic (Symax) protocol, Modbus RTU
PowerLogic Network Interface Module (PNIM) = RNIM (PNIM)
NR&D SPE4, EPE5 = both protocols supported and manually set on the port + modbus RTU

To resolve this issue first connect the device (daisy chain) to the new master device and cycle the control power to the PowerLogic meter or device.

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