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How to add decimal places to values in System Manager Software (SMS) v 3.3, 4.x Tables?

To add decimal places to values in SMS Tables (if the quantity units do not have any decimals, then zeros will be displayed):
1. Go to PLTable Utility. In the SMS Setup Utility go to File > New > Table.

2. Open the table you want to edit.

3. Double click the table to open Formula One Wookbook Designer.

4. Click the cell to edit.

5. Go to Format > Cells.

6. Select desired "Type".

7. Close the Formula One Workbook Designer window.

8. Parse the table by selecting the red lightning bolt icon.

9. Save the table with the same name.


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Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL191442 V1.0, Originally authored by PhHa on 03/14/2008, Last Edited by PhHa on 03/14/2008
Related ranges: System Manager 3.3, System Manager 4.0
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