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Is continuous operation (with no maintenance) possible on Blokset, for 5 years?


        • - Installation room air should be controlled for dust presence: dust is the main issue. What is the switchboard required IP? Higher IP could help a lot to protect the switchboard.

          - In any case, maintenance cycle as described in the Blokset Instruction Manual item 4.4 "maintenance" must be performed. One example: power connections must be checked visually every year. If in the visual checking any loosing connection is detected must be tightened. Bolts re-tightening is not needed. Visual check is only possible if both the panelbuilder and the installation contractor use red solid paint on all bolted power connections, as required in the General assembly rules and Blokset tech. guide. See the Instruction Manual "item maintenance" for details, chapter 4.4.

          - The quality of hardware used on connections must be as required in "4.2. Material specification and surface treatment 7045x0.pdf" (latest transfer file version) It could be possible to keep the switchboard powered during maintenance, but maintenance teams/contractor and end-user will need to define the correct maintenance procedures according to the Blokset Installation & Instructions Manual "9.1. Instruction Manual - ESBED397708-Mai 07.pdf" (latest transfer file version) safety standards applicable to the client site (operators skill, special cares on covers removal/repositioning, etc.)

          - If drawers are used in this contract they must be maintained as explained in the guide. Of course, there is no need to de-energize the busbar: just stop the drawer, remove it, grease the plugs with the right grease (mandatory to use for the client: should be supplier ), re-insert the drawer and restart when possible.

          - We recommend the switchboard to have at least 1.2m clearance behind (not against a wall) so that visual inspection is possible on ACB and MCCB connections. For eventual MCC cubicles, front access is ok.



Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL190683 V2.0, Originally authored by JoElRe on 01/17/2008, Last Edited by GwPo on 07/23/2010
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