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Use of Blokset in a DC LOW_VOLTAGE network.

It is only possible to use Blokset DC voltage values lower than 1000V. In this DC network case, design & manufacture the Blokset according to the technical specification and mounting rules of AC current. Same rules apply as for AC networks (size of compartments, busbars cross-sections, size of cables, etc.)

    • Regarding switchgear (MCCBs, ACBs)

      Their DC version can also be assembled inside of Blokset.You can use Compact NS for DC in fix-type unit or withdrawable units, as it has the same size as NS for AC: no changes is required (while using 3 poles circuit breaker). The precaution to take are linked to voltage level and the grounding type (this can lead to use NS DC from 2-pole to 4 pole). The Compact NS catalogues give all information about how to choose the right Compact NS or Masterpact for this application. Catalogues can be found in "15 More about Schneider Electric PRODUCTS" (latest transfer file version).

      When necessary to use 2 or 4 poles circuit breakers, size of the drawers may need to be adapted. In any case, the compartment size must be the same as for an AC compartment of the same power/current rating.


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL190682 V2.0, Originally authored by JoElRe on 01/17/2008, Last Edited by GwPo on 06/25/2010
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