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Installing PowerLogic® ION Enterprise® on a Virtual Machine

Goals and Symptoms


  • This document provides guidelines and recommendations when you install PowerLogic ION Enterprise on a virtual machine. These guidelines can be used with PowerLogic ION Enterprise 5.6 and up.

    Successful deployment of any software in the virtual machine environment takes careful planning, and a consideration of many factors. It Is highly recommended that customers follow virtualization best practices as described by VMware, and consider system design carefully before proceeding with virtualization of their production environment.

    Schneider Electric provides these recommendations to help customers succeed in running PowerLogic ION Enterprise 5.6 in the virtual environment, and will support installations using VMware ESX Server 2.x or 3.x. ION Enterprise 6.0 and up is supported on ESX Server 4.0. For support of the virtual machine host environment installation, configuration, and on-going maintenance, please contact VMware.

Causes and Fixes

Before You Begin
In addition to these notes, you should refer to the PowerLogic® ION Enterprise® Power Management Software Commissioning Guide that you received with your copy of the software.

System Size
In the Commissioning Guide, you will find a section titled Primary Server System Requirements. This section describes the minimum system requirements that are needed to successfully run a PowerLogic ION Enterprise system. When running as a virtual machine, the virtual machine, not the host system, must meet these minimum requirements. Your physical machine requirements will be installation-dependent and depend on the number of other virtual machines you intend to run in the host environment.

Supported Virtual Machine Environments
ION Enterprise 5.6 and up are supported running on VMware ESX Server 2.x or 3.x.
ION Enterprise 6.0 and up are supported running on VMware ESX Server 4.0.

Virtual Machine Settings
It is recommended that VMwares guidelines and best practices be followed when configuring a virtual machine. VMwares Technical Support is the best source of information on how to optimally configure a production server running within VMware. Some considerations include:

    • ION Enterprise will require network connectivity to client machines, devices, and to SQL Server (in a distributed setup)
    • SQL Server can be disk-intensive. If SQL Server will be running inside the VM, consider pre-allocating disk space at virtual machine creation
    • The section Server Configuration Guidelines in the Commissioning Guide contains suggestions for partitioning the disk the guidelines provided within the Commissioning Guide should be followed, and applied to the virtual machine environment
    • If any serial devices will be used, there must be a physical serial port on the host computer that can be dedicated to the virtual machine

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