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How to perform a master reset (memory clear) to the Series 3000, 4000 Circuit Monitor and Series 800 Power Meter.

How to perform a master reset (memory clear) to the Circuit Monitor 3000 and 4000 and Power Meter 800 series.

Product Line
CM3000 series
CM4000 series
PM800 series

Master Reset

Engineer needs to reset the meter to factory setting and reset the memory on the meters.

Warning: This procedure will reset all meter settings back to factory defaults except for the communication settings. 
It is recommended that all settings such as system type, current transformer ratio, potential transformer ratios, energy readings, I/O setup, data log setup, and data logged be recorded before proceeding.

1. Write the decimal value of 9020 to register 8000. This will put the meter into setup mode
2. Write the decimal value 1023 to register 8001. This step tells the meter to clear all information except for the communication settings.
    Optional: To reset all settings including communication settings write a decimal 9999 to register 8001.
3. Write the decimal value 1120 to register 8000. The value 1120 represents the command to clear the parameters set by the contents of register 8001.
4. Wait at least 20 seconds for the meter to reboot before going to step 5.
5. Write a decimal value of 1130 to register 8000.  This will reconfigure the meter with the default factory settings.

Note: This procedure can be performed from the front panel display or communications software, such as Modbus Tester as shown below.

A master reset will clear all the cumulative and derived quantities from the meter, including demand, peak demand, energy, revenue and test mode parameters. In addition, it will reset the meter's event, waveform, and onboard data logs. For PowerLogic meters settings such as the mode will reset back to factory default. Since a master reset doesn't change any settings that might affect communications a master reset should not be used to correct any communications issues.

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