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Troubleshooting Guide, Instrument Transformer Wiring for Three Phase Meters

I. How to Use This Guide
II. Common Problems for 3-Wire and 4-Wire Systems
III. 3-Wire System Troubleshooting
IV. 4-Wire System Troubleshooting
V. Actual Field Examples

This document was originally written for the PowerLogic Series 100, 200 Circuit Monitors that do not contain registers with phase angles associated with the voltage and current phases. This document still applies to all other PowerLogic meters. The simplest method of troublshooting newer meters is to utilize the System Manager Software "Fundamental Phasor Table" that plots the the phasors for voltage and current. If software is not available then the fundamental phasor registers can be used to manually plot a phasor diagram of the voltage and current. Refer to each meter's reference manual for each meter to determine the fundamental

See attached document.

Troubleshooting Guide for Wiring 3 Phase Meters (no phasor diagrams, recommended for CM100-200).pdf

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