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Why do some registers in meters read -32768?

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PowerLogic Meters

Register Readings

There are two situations that will cause a register in a PowerLogic Circuit Monitor, Power Meter, or other PowerLogic device to contain a value of -32768.

  1. When there is no input (voltage or current) to calculate or measure a metered value.
  2. When the register value is non-applicable for the mode of the meter.
  3. When you are reading the wrong unit ID of an Ethernet device, i.e., unit ID 1 instead of 255 on a PM5560

Example: The frequency register in a CM4250 will read -32768 when no voltage or current is present.

Note: System Manager Software (SMS) will indicated N/A when a register value contains the value -32768 and Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.1 will show 0.

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