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Duplicate labels in the VIP cause a second VIP node to be created

Goals and Symptoms


  • Duplicate labels in the VIP cause a second VIP node to be created. When querying a data recorder, columns may appear to be missing if the information is being logged by the second VIP node.




    Data Recorder

    Duplicate Label

    Missing Columns



Causes and Fixes

Not all sources logged by the data recorder appear when querying the node in the VIP.




Duplicate labels cause a second VIP node to be created named


VIP.<Computer Name>(<Data Recorder Name>~)


Some of the parameters would be logged under this newly created node.



It is possible to query across both nodes to obtain all of the information logged by the particular data recorder affected. However, when doing so, the values read will span two rows since there are two sources (nodes) in the query. See the following screenshot for an example:


In order to correct this problem, there are several methods available:


1. Modify the labels in the VIP such that there are no duplicate labels


2. Edit the query manually and refer to the sources in the SELECT statement but only the host in the FROM clause as shown below:


SELECT timestamp


,"<value>@VIP.CALONGDLSAS02(B15 Daily Log~1)"


FROM --(*vendor(PML),product(LogServer) downstream@VIP.CALONGDLSAS02 *)--


ORDER BY timestamp DESC



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