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VIP Configuration Changes Are Not Saved

Goals and Symptoms

Designer is used to configure a VIP, but when the VIP is restarted, none of the changes have been saved and only a default VIP is running. When the \config\cfg\vip\<my vip node name> directory is checked, there is no vip.cfg file present.



· When configuration work on the VIP is done using Designer, the configuration changes do not get saved by the VIP to its configuration file.
· If a VIP is run as an application, not as a Windows service, this problem does not occur.
· When using VIP Setup to create a modbus network, or make changes to the Global Operating Parameters, the vipsys.dat file is successfully saved
· There are no tree files in the \config\trees directory.

Facts and Changes




Causes and Fixes

The LocalSystem account (this is the account used by the ION Enterprise services by default) does not have write access to the shared ION-Ent directory.



Correct the folder permissions for the shared ION-Ent directory so the ION Enterprise services can access it.


More Information

This problem is likely caused by locking down file permissions inappropriately.


Document Change History

Date and Initials Comments
2009-10-27 DRM * Corrected erroneous association to "protection relay PRODUCTS\VIP"
* Re-published to Public security level



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