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VIP Service Fails to Start After Move Between Machines

Goals and Symptoms

In a multi-server ION Enterprise system, it is possible to move a VIP service from one machine to another to redistribute the system loading. If the same node name is used, an attempt to start the VIP service on the new machine will fail, with no error message.



After a VIP service has been transferred from a Primary to a Secondary machine, or vice versa, the VIP service will not start. No error is generated. In order for this problem to occur, the user must retain the same VIP node name, unregister the service on the original machine, and then register the same VIP service on the new machine.

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Causes and Fixes

The SoftwareNode table in ION_Network contains a column specifying a machineID. When the VIP is moved to a different machine, the SoftwareNode table retains the old machineID, thus preventing the new VIP service from starting.



This problem must be resolved manually following the steps in the Workaround below.



Caution: This workaound requires direct manipulation of the ION_Network database. Be sure to have a recent backup before proceeding.

The following steps can be peformed using the Management Console, the ION Database Manager SQL Editor, or SQL Server Enterprise manager. The database that requires modification is ION_Network.


1. Determine the MachineID of the computer to which the VIP has been moved. To do this, use the following SQL query and note the MachineID associated with the VIP that has been moved:

    • Select * from Machine
2. Modify the MachineID for the VIP that was moved in the SoftwareNode table. To do this, use the following SQL query:
    • UPDATE SoftwareNode SET MachineID = <machine id from step 1> WHERE Name = <the node name of the VIP that was moved>



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