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Reporter Warning: "No Mail System Installed"

Goals and Symptoms


  • Reporter failed to send result via email to recipients in the distribution list. When the report is generated, the report status showing warning message: "No Mail System Installed". This article explains the steps to diagnostic and narrow the cause of the problem.




    Most important text from above screenshot:


    Report Status


    Initializing report generator

    Starting report: ....

    alper: Querying <ion.ETH7600>Data Rec 15

    alper: Validating records

    *WARNING* alper: Adding leading missing records

    *WARNING* alper: CANCELING validation due to unexpected rec... <message cut off in screenshot>

    Saving report as: c:\...

    *WARNING* Recipients not emailed - no mail system installed

    Finished report: dememe

    Click the Close button to view the report.



Facts and Changes



ION Reporter



Mail System


Causes and Fixes



Reporter uses Excel to send a copy of the report via email. This only works on a MAPI-enabled system.

To narrow down the problem, try the following 3 things:


1. Ensure that Excel can send email.
a) Launch Excel, and go to File > Send To > Mail Recipient (As Attachment). A new email should be created with the .xls as an attachment.
b) Send this email to the desired email address.
c) If cannot successfully perform the above, check that all mail settings are correct in Outlook.

2. Run the attached 'Mail System Test.xls' Excel macro and report the results.
a) Go to Tools > Macro > Security > Medium.
b) Reopen this file and select Enable Macro.
c) Go to Tools > Macro > Macros... and select 'MailerCK, and click Run.

3. Obtain the report template file and test whether or not it works on your machine. You can find the report template file in the following directory:
x:\Program Files\Power Measurement\ION Enterprise\config\reports







More Information

The following is the code for the Mail System Test.xls macro:


    • Sub MailerCK()

      'This checks what mailer is installed on your system.


      Select Case Application.MailSystem

      Case xlMAPI

      MsgBox "Mail system is: Microsoft Mail."

      Case xlPowerTalk

      MsgBox "Mail system is: PowerTalk."

      Case xlNoMailSystem

      MsgBox "No mail system installed!"

      End Select


      End Sub

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