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Run time error ‘457’ pops up on a client workstation

Goals and Symptoms


  • Run time error 457 pops up on a client workstation when using Reporter to edit / create a query Keywords





    Reporter runs in the primary server without problems


    Reporter crashes with Run time error 457. This key is already associated with an element of this collection when runs on a client machine


Facts and Changes


Run time error 457.


This key is already associated with an element of this collection.


Reporter error in client


Reporter error in 5.0

Causes and Fixes


Primary server has ION Enterprise 5.0 SP4 installed.


Client workstation has ION Enterprise 5.0 with a lower SP.


All of the programs (.exes) and dynamic link libaries (.dlls) are stored locally on client machines, so when repgen is run, it uses the exes and dlls from the machine on which it is run.


When service packs are applied they should run in both primary and client machines.





Upgrade the client workstation to the same service pack as the primary server.


If it is possible apply the latest service pack in both computers.





Copy the files from the primaryto the client (pmlrepcfg.dll, pmlrepgen.dll, repgen.exe). Note that the dlls should be registered.



More Information

KB article # 10190 Reporter ION Enterprise 5.0 crashes with runtime error 457



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