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Unity Pro: Status Bar Information

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to describe the information displayed in the Unity Pro Status Bar.

Facts and Changes

Unity Pro provides a status bar that displays information about the current open project on the PC, about the PLC and the software status.

Here is the description of this information.

  • 1. General information and selected Node/ Reference information.
    2. HMI access rights:
      • · HMI R/W mode (default): HMI has read/ write access to the PLC data.
        · HMI R/O mode: HMI only has read access to the PLC data. This mode is active when:
        • Applications are opened in read only mode. This can be selected by checking the "Open the project in read-only mode" in the File >> Open window.
          Opening an application previously opened in the Write mode with 3rd party software (using Pserver). A pop up window alerts the user at the opening.
          This mode Does Not allow any savings of the application.
    3. Link (connection) Status:
      • · OFFLINE: Unity is not connected to the PLC
        · EQUAL: Unity is connected to the PLC and the projects match.
        · DIFFERENT: Unity is connected to the PLC but the project an the PC and PLC do not match.
        · MONITORING: Unity is connected to the PLC using Monitor Mode (Tools >> Options >> Connections >> Default connection mode) and the projects match OR another Unity session is connected to the PLC with programming rights and the projects match.
  • 4. Indicates if the initial values match/ mismatch between the PC and PLC:
      • · : initial values match.
        · * : initial values are mismatched (different or modified).
    5. PLC Status:
      • · RUN: The PLC is solving logic.
        · STOP: The PLC is not solving logic.
        · NO CONF: The PLC is not configured, there is not a valid project loaded on the PLC.
    6. Empty Terminal Support (ETS):
      • · UPLOAD INFO OK: The upload image matches the project running on the PLC, the upload image is available for upload to a PC.
        · UPLOAD INFO INVALID: The upload information does not match the project running on the PLC. The upload information on the PLC can not be uploaded to the PC. To synchronize the PLC project and the upload information, PLC >> Update Upload Information. This can only be done if the connected PC has the original project. An ETS connection can not perform the Update Upload Information.
        · NO UPLOAD INFO: There is no upload information in the PLC.
    7. Address and Media selected to connect to the PLC:
      • · MBPLUS01:15: This indicates that a Standard Mode "real" connection is selected for connection to a PLC. This can be Modbus, Modbus Plus, TCPIP, USB etc. the address is after the ":".
        · TCPIP: This indicates that the Simulation Mode connection is selected. With this selection the PLC application runs on the PC. Only a TCPIP connection is available in this mode and the address is the loopback address.
        NOTE: Switching between Standard and Simulation Modes requires a Rebuild ALL of the project.
    8. Line and Column information: This information is only available in Structured Text and Instruction List programming language editors.
    9. Memory Status: This provides memory usage or fragmentation information.
      • · MEM: usage or fragmentation is < 50%.
        · MEM: usage or fragmentation is > 70%.
        · MEM: usage or fragmentation is 50% to 70%.
    10. Project Build Status:
      • · BUILT: The project is built and ready for download to the PLC.
        · NOT BUILT: The project is not built. A Build or Rebuild All is required to achieve the Built state. Errors may be present in the project preventing the project from becoming Built. These errors must be corrected to achieve the Built state.
    11. Forced indication:
      • · : Indicates that there are no forced Bits or Words in the project.
        · F :Indicates that there are forced Bits or Words in the project. Clicking on the F will open a temporary Animation Table. This Animation Table will contain all Bits and Words that are forced in the project.
    12. Event Information
      • · :: No errors currently in the project.
        · : Error(s) currently in the project, clicking on this Icon will launch the Diagnostic Viewer.
    13. SD Card Status (M340 only)
      • · : The SD card is inserted, the internal RAM and the SD card match.
        · : There is a difference between the internal RAM and the SD card.
        · : The SD card is missing.
  • 14. Insert or Overwrite indicator:
      • · INS: The keyboard selection is insert mode.
        · OVR: The keyboard selection is overwrite mode.
    15. Caps Lock indicator:
      • · : The keyboard Caps lock in not selected.
        · CAPS: The keyboard Caps lock is selected.

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Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL212582 V1.0, Originally authored by ChAn on 09/25/2013, Last Edited by ChAn on 09/25/2013
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