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How to add a timestamp to the TSXETG302x E-mail


How to add a time stamp to the TSXETG302x E-mail

Product Line:

TSXETG3021 and TSXETG3022


Web Designer


Not set by default 


The following steps can be used to add a time stamp to the E-mail sent by the 'TSXETG302x'.

  • Import the attached spreadsheet named 'Internal variables.csv' into the device variables table for the
'Device\Varaibles' tab in the 'Web Designer' application.
  • Right click on 'Service'.
  • Select 'New Service'.
  • Click on E-mail
  • Click on the 'Finish' button.
  • Double click on the the location within the 'Contents' text box where the time stamp is to be placed.
  • Select the variable name MONTH in Variable selection pop-up window,
  • Add a colon : after the MONTH variable for the seperator character in the timestamp.
  • Repeat the last steps to add the appropriate variables for the day of month, hour, minutes, seconds.



    {device.ETG3022.MONTH} : {device.ETG3022.DAY} : {device.ETG3022.HOURS} : {device.ETG3022.MINUTES} : {device.ETG3022.SECONDS}


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