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TCPOpen library setup returns the error 'The LibPath was not found in registry'

Goals and Symptoms

TCPOpen library setup returns the error 'The LibPath was not found in registry'.

Facts and Changes

Unity Pro XL v4.0

Causes and Fixes

Setup returns the error: The LibPath was not found in registry.

The following is from the Unity 'Readme:

2.7. TCP Open library and Unity Dif libraries

Organization of data stored on the computer has changed with Unity Pro V4.0. To use some companion with Unity Pro, it is necessary to use the last version of these software packages, TCP Open library version V2.20 and Unity Dif version V2.0 SP2 min.

The problem can be resolved by using the following resolution.

  • Insert the Unity Pro V4.0 CDROM. (Cancel autorun if necessary. )
  • Locate the file named UpdateForCompanions.bat in the folder named UpdateForCompanions .
  • Click on Start\Programs\Accessories\Command Prompt to open a DOS window.
  • Change the directory in the DOS window to the path for the CD-ROM drive. (i.e., type F:) at the prompt F:\>, enter cd UpdateForCompanions
  • At the command prompt F:\UpdateForCompanions>, enter 'UpdateForCompanions' followed by the letter corresponding to the installed Unity Pro package: "S", "M", "L", "XL"


G:\UpdateForCompanions>UpdateForCompanions XL

  • Wait for the update to finish.
  • Run the TCP Open setup.
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