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499TWD01100 Twidoport Communication Problem Caution

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to inform users of Twidoport Ethernet Bridges of a potential problem where the device may exhibit communication problems while on an operating network.

Facts and Changes

The Twidoport Ethernet Bridge may experience issues when exposed to broadcast traffic on the network. The symptoms of the fault are losing the IP address or the module going into Kernel mode.

  • The module affected is:
    • 499TWD01100

Causes and Fixes

This issue is under investigation by Engineering. An update to this Resolution will be made available when new information is available.

  • Recovery from these faults require user intervention.

    To recover from losing an IP address, it is necessary to power cycle the Twidoport by disconnecting and reconnecting the communication cable from the Twidoport to the Twido PLC.

    A Twidoport that is in Kernel mode will have its STATUS LED blinking 7 times. To recover from this mode, connect to the device using TELNET. Once connected, type EXEC, then hit <enter>. This will take the module out of kernel mode.

    Schneider Electric recommends using managed switches with broadcast limiting capabilities to help filter broadcast traffic, minimizing the effect of excessive ARP and other broadcast traffic.

Devices purchased after July 30, 2007 will have firmware version 3.02 which has fixed the above issue.

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