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Momentum M1E Ethernet Port Lockup

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to inform users of Momentum M1E processors that the Ethernet port can lock up under certain circumstances.

Facts and Changes

The Ethernet port on Momentum M1E processors will lock up if the PLC scan exceeds Watchdog Timer (WDT) timeout value and the constant sweep function is enabled. This will occur using any version of 984LL or IEC Exec equal to or less than version 1.26.

  • When the fault occurs, the unit loses its RUN LED and produces a stopped error code 80. The user is not able to log back in using Concept and gets an error: "Illegal Modbus function code. Error Id: OL9-21581". Power cycling alone will not clear the fault, but removing the battery and leaving the unit powered down for a few minutes will allow access back into the Ethernet port once it is powered back up.

Causes and Fixes

This problem has been resolved in IEC Exec version 1.27e. Reference Resolution 187847 for further details.

  • A temproary workaround to this issue is to disable the constant sweep function or increase the WDT timeout value.

    The processors affected are:
    • 171CCC96020
    • 171CCC96030
    • 171CCC98020
    • 171CCC98030

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL177248 V2.0, Originally authored by DaDz on 08/31/2007, Last Edited by DaDz on 08/31/2007
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