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What are the new features introduced with version 2.0 of the Advantys configuration software?

Goals and Symptoms

List the new features of the Advantys configuration software version 2.0

Facts and Changes

New enhancements in Version 2.0 configuration software will require the NIM firmware to be upgraded to version 2.x.(indicated with *)
Note that all version 2.0 NIM's will need Version 2.0 Configuration Software.
Also bundled into this version is the ability to run Advantys Configuration Software for OTB, FTB and FTM.

Causes and Fixes

Export Feature: The Advantys STB PLC Image Generator Tool is now integrated into the configuration software. This tool takes an Advantys configuration file and creates a symbols export file that can be imported into PL7, UNITY, or Concept, making it simple to integrate the IO into the PLC. IO tags can be assigned in the STB configuration software and after import, these tags will appear in the PLC memory automatically. For Concept, it will even create a Program section with FBD's in it.

  • Run-time Parameters*: When the ATV31 integration with Advantys was launched, there was a limitation with the ability to get the motor current, temperature or diagnostic information from the drive. This new version allows for a method of getting this "device specific" information. It is called Run-time parameters and you enable this feature via the Advantys configuration software. It reserves a space in the IO process image allowing you to then write to the output area (get current, get fault status, change a setting, etc.) and then read the drive information in the input area. This feature can be used to access other devices on the CANopen extension and also to other STB modules like the counter module.
  • Virtual Placeholder Functionality*: Using this new feature, you can build a maximum configuration possible for your application, reserving space in the IO process image. You select which modules from this configuration are going to be present in the actual hardware configuration. Thus as a machine builder, you are keeping the same PLC program (IO image is the same) but you are assembling only the modules that you sold as an option. This feature will provide a lot of flexibility for the future without effecting the PLC program.
  • Improved Test Mode*: With this improvement, you can make the STB NIM a permanent Modbus NIM, which can be controlled by a Modbus Master from the configuration port permanently. Additionally, you can also choose a password enabled test mode, with this an HMI at the Modbus port can control the STB IO by writing a preconfigured password.
  • Improved Reflex Functionality: The Reflex editor has been improved, it indicates presence of programmed reflex functionality offline but also online as part of the NIM diagnostics.
  • Enumeration for Parameters: The module editor has been improved. A description has been added to the different parameter selections.
  • Specific names for module data: The Data Item names have been improved within the module editor, making online troublshooting easier.
  • Improved Print report: The Print Report utility has been improved. It also includes a Bill of Materials(BOM)
  • Support of High Density IO modules: The STB catalog now includes two new high density modules. STBDDI3725 - 16 Channel 24vdc Discrete Input Module and STBDDO3705 - 16 Channel 24vdc Discrete Output Module.
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