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Potential for Intermittent Opens with Momentum Modbus Plus Cluster Mode Cables

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The purpose of this Resolution is to inform users of Cluster Mode cables of a potential problem where a wire may intermittently open if the cable is flexed.


Goals and Symptoms

There is a possibility that one of the wires, crimped at the RJ45 connector, could roll and therefore make intermittent contact with the pin if the cable was sharply bent of twisted at the RJ45 connector. This could result in intermittent Modbus Plus communication errors.

Facts and Changes

The cables affected are:

  • · 170MCI02010
    · 170MCI02180
    · 170MCI02120
    · 170MCI02136
    · 170MCI04110

Causes and Fixes

A larger diameter insulation has been implemented for the cable to prevent this condition from occurring. The larger diameter creates a tighter fit where the cable is inserted and crimped at the RJ45 connector, thus preventing cable roll.

Cables with a build date of 04/08 (year/week of manufacture) and higher contain the wider diameter insulation.

Customers who are using cluster mode cables and are experiencing Modbus Plus network communication errors should isolate and identify the source of these errors, since there are a number of other factors that can cause these errors. If the cables are determined to be the problem, then they may be exchanged.

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