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Double Teaching with Osiconcept XS and XU APS_SENSORS

Goals and Symptoms

Teaching of XS6 right out of box with out environment causes error in teach sequence. Difficulty in teaching product shielded environment after teaching it while only holding product in hand.

Facts and Changes


Causes and Fixes


      • XU :
        Because the second action on the teach button is reserved to target teaching, with the XU PRODUCTS, the background teaching cannot be repeated.
Solution: You can work around that by doing a RESET.
      • But, if the target teaching is done once again on the background, the product shifts to error mode.
Solution: Do a target teaching using a TARGET, not the backgrounf. The product will go into run mode.

Target teaching can be done n times.
      • For XU PRODUCTS, this procedure is necessary because the background teaching also configures the mode (proximity, BKGD supp, reflex., polarized reflex, through-beam).
      • The target teaching is done using the detection mode set during the background teaching.

XS :
      • When you Try to teach the product a target without target with a XS Osiconcept, the alarm on the product really sets off.
The red LED goes flashing.
      • The product still detects the target (at minimum range), which explains why you can see the output commuting.

Question: The XS and XU Osiconcept behavior is different in alarm mode.Why ?
      • The XU PRODUCTS are multimode, and so, we must drive the output to have NO or NC PRODUCTS, independently from the chosen mode.
      • We cannot do the same thing with XS PRODUCTS, for technical reasons (particularly with 2 wires PRODUCTS).

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