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What is the MCS025 Sync-Check Module

What is the MCS025 Sync-Check Module for the Sepam 80 Series

Product Line
Sepam 80 Series
MCS025 Sync-Check Module

Digital Relays

The optional MCS025 module performs the Sepam Series 80 sync-check function (i.e., checks the upstream and downstream voltages of a circuit breaker to ensure safe closing ANSI 25) for substation, transformer, generator and bus applications.
It checks the differences in amplitude, frequency, and phase between the two measured voltages, and takes into account dead line/bus conditions. Three relay outputs can be used to send a Close Enable signal to several Sepam Series 80 relays. The circuit-breaker control function of each Sepam Series 80 relay takes this close enable into account.

The settings for the sync-check function and the measurements carried out by the module are accessed by the SFT2841 setting and operating software. They are similar to the other settings and measurements for the Sepam Series 80.

The MCS025 module is equipped with the following:
CCA620 connector for connecting the relay outputs and the power supply
CCT640 connector for voltage connection
CCA785 cord for connection between the module and the Sepam Series 80 base unit

see attachment

63230-216-244_MCS025_ InstallSheet.pdf


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