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Logipam (SFT2885) Manual for Sepam Series 80

This document can be useful to understand how to use and test the Logipam Software (SFT2885) for Sepam Series 80 Relays.

Product Line:
Sepam Series 80 Relays



This article provides some basic information about the the Logipam software (SFT2885) and where to find the manual in the KB. The full name of this Logipam Manual is:
SFT2885 Programming
for Sepam series 80
Users Manual
SEPED303004 eng Version 2


  • Logipam (SFT2885 software) is used to program control system functions for Sepam series 80.
  • Logipam runs in MS Windows.

Programming Language

  • The programs are created in Ladder language.
  • Ladder language is a graphic language used to transcribe ladder diagrams. It uses the basic graphic symbols of a diagram: contacts, coils and connections.

When Should Logipam Be Used?

  • Logipam is used to create specific functions or to complement Sepam predefined functions.
Composition of the Logipam Software
  • Logipam consists of:
.. A program editor in Ladder language

.. A simulator for checking that the program is working correctly

.. A code generator for executing the Sepam program






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