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Video: How to add a ModemGate site to ION Setup

A ModemGate site needs to be added as a new site in ION Setup to facilitate communication with modem connected devices.

Product Line
ION Setup 3.0

Adding a new site - ModemGate

Steps are required for adding a new ModemGate site to ION Setup.

1. Open ION Setup in Power User Mode (leave "Single ION device configuration mode" unchecked).
- Right-click>>Insert Item...>>Site and click OK to add a new site
- Choose the Comm Link as Modem and enter the phone number, then click the "Modem configuration..." button
- Select the port settings, then click the "Modem Profile" button to access the Modem Profile Selection Wizard. This will guide you through a series of configuration screens to set up your local and remote modem

2. Add each device on the serial loop to the ModemGate site you created.
- Right click the new site you added and select Insert Item...
- Select Device and click OK.
- Configure the new device, and then click OK.

The Network Viewer should resemble the image below:

ModemGate Checklist:
- Confirm that the gateway meter's phone number is correct
- Confirm that the gateway meter's appropriate COM port is used for the gateway and ensure the protocol is set to ModemGate
- Confirm the baud rate and unit ID settings for each serial device

The video below depicts how to configure a ModemGate site using the ION Setup software.

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