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Niobrara QUCM Installation and Programming Manual, June 2000

Niobrara QUCM Installation and Programming Manual, June 2000
The Niobrara QUCM is a user prgrammable communication module for a Modicon TSX Quantum
Automation Series PLC. The user may write applications to be loaded into the QUCM to communicate
with serial and/or Ethernet devices. Applications are written as a text file in a "BASIC" like language
developed specifically for writing serial protocols. The Applications are compiled and downloaded into
FLASH memory in the QUCM. Up to two Applications may be loaded in the QUCM and ran at the
same time. Each Application has access to both serial ports, the Ethernet port (optional), and the Quantum
Backplane registers Each Application may have up to 8 parallel tasking threads. Prewritten
are also offered to cover some of the more common protocols including Modbus RTU and
POWERLOGIC PNIM, RNIM Master and Slave, and IDEC.
The QUCM interfaces to the Quantum PLC as an I/O module and is thus permitted to be used in the
Local (CPU rack), Remote (RIO), or Distributed (DIO) I/O racks1. The QUCM is Traffic Copped as an
analog module with up to 32 Input (3xxxxx) registers and 32 Output (4xxxxx) registers, or as a discrete
module with up to 512 input bits (1xxxxx) and 512 coils (0xxxxx)

Please refer to attached pdf file for further information regarding this product


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